Food For The Soul

We're back!

We did not release our usual September or January FFTS (Food For The Soul) booklet so we can stay flexible with the constant changes related to
COVID 19 in order to keep you safe.  We will also be
offering some classes
via ZOOM and live-streaming.  All
information will be posted with each class.
We have started by offering a few small classes and will progress slowly from there.  If you have an idea for a class you would like to see offered,
please contact us by
email or text 707-3048 

We will be enforcing strict regulations in order to keep you safe.
No food or drinks will be served at this time.  You may bring a beverage for yourself only in a reusable beverage container that must go home with you.
Everyone must use hand sanitizer as they come in and social distance of 6 feet. 
Jackets, purses, shoes, etc must remain with you at all times.
All surfaces will be sanitized after each workshop is completed.
We do apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused and pray that you and your family will be safe and well during this time.
At any time you may email if you have any questions.
Keep your eye on our Facebook home page 
for daily updates on the status of our worship services and events.
Laurie Sandham
St. Paul's Anglican Church
Food For The Soul Coordinator
Family and Children's Ministries
Register for a Workshop
Laurie Sandham
Phone: 807-707-3048
Archdeacon Deborah Kraft, Rector
Phone: 807-624-7161