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Lenten Book Study

Hello Folks,

I am considering this resource for Lenten study this year:
Act/Fast: Spiritual Practices for a Climate in Crisis

It has appeal for me for several reasons, one of the foremost being a resource published by the United Church of Canada and our collaboration with Rev Rob!  


“Spiritual practices” develop over our lives.  We don’t always think of the things we intentionally do as spiritual practices and once we name our actions of pray, reading scripture and spiritual resources, worship, journalling, and labyrinth walking as spiritual practices, we become more tuned in to our daily walk with the Holy. Spiritual practices that relate to our climate crisis, will provide hope and healing; each one of us can do one thing, and together we can make more of a difference than we realize. Come and see!

Interested people need to advise me  by end of January so we can order books.
Looking at in house study, Thursday evenings 6:30-8:00.


For more information or to register for any workshop
please contact  Laurie @ 707-3048 or email
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