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Sunday Morning



St. Paul’s offers an unsupervised nursery for anyone that needs to use it during the 10:00 am service.


There are lots of toys to play within our dedicated Nursery space, lots of storybooks available, as well as comfortable spots to nap. Sometimes the little ones like to join in with the older children in Sunday School; and that’s fun too!


The Nursery is decorated with Biblical pictures and Scripture references, and we can turn on the television so we can follow along with Archdeacon’s message and the music upstairs.  


Sunday School


We have a very talented volunteer group that runs the Sunday School program at St. Paul's. Brenda, Bonnie, and Marty lead the Sunday School class for children who like doing crafts and playing games.  They work with a beautiful felt story-board set to illustrate the stories they are teaching then offer a related craft or game to help your child remember what they have learned. 

In the Sunday School class, children are generally aged between 4 and 7 but some children as young as 3 feel they are ready to start making crafts and listening to stories, while some children, ages 8 and 9 have found they prefer the more relaxed atmosphere of Sunday School over the Children's Bible Study class.   Sunday school begins right after the children's talk with Archdeacon Deborah and a short children's choir practice with Miss Patsy and Miss Stacey.   The teachers tell a short Bible story, using either our beautiful felt board set or a colourful story book, then move onto a craft or game that is related to the story that they just heard.   If there is time left at the end of the class it is not uncommon to play a game or sing. 

Children's Bible Study

IMG_2562 (2).JPG

The Children's Bible Study class usually starts around age 7 or 8, depending on the child's comfort level.  They are not required to be fluent readers but need to understand that they will be opening their Bibles and following along each week and quite often will often be using their workbooks.  They also need to be able to sit and engage in discussions.  Children's Bible Study begins right at 10:00 am.  We encourage the children to come to class as soon as they arrive at church so we can get a jump on that day's lesson.   They are given the book, chapter and verse that they will be learning about that day and will each find it in their own Bibles.   We go upstairs for children's talk and communion but the rest of the time in spent in the classroom.    Time permitting, the children also take part in "Bible Challenge" games where they need to sort the books of the Bible as quickly as they can and "Bible Quiz" where they test their memory of what they have learned not only that day but earlier that year and sometimes even the previous year.   

At this next stage, we are introducing a bit more 'tech' into the classroom by showing short videos, fun power points, and tablet trivia!  Our class is led by Jasmine who makes the class exciting by Focusing on lesser-known Bible stories and adding 'fun facts' to the more common ones.

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