Clergy and Staff

Clergy and Staff

Who are we?
"Ambassadors for Christ"
What is our purpose?
As Ambassadors for Christ, we are called to
bring the Lord's grace, love and peace to everyone.

Rector and Archdeacon

The Venerable Deborah H. Kraft

Cell: 807 624-7161

Deacon Associate

The Reverend Anne Carr

807 577-1487

Music Director

Dr. Sean Kim

807 355-1203

Parish Assistant

Christine French

807 622-4945

Children's Ministries &
'Food For The Soul'

Laurie Sandham
807- 707-3048


Rector: The Venerable Deborah H. Kraft,

B.Sc.(Trinity College, U.of T.), MBA (Rotman School of Management, U. of T.), B.Th. (Thorneloe College, Laurentian University), MTS (Trinity)


Archdeacon Deborah is the happy Rector of St. Paul’s. This is her 2nd parish incumbency, and she loves parish ministry. She gives thanks to God for the gift of the growth that is happening at St. Paul’s and the privilege of working with a team of spirit-filled people. She served as Rector of the Parish of West Thunder Bay from 2000-2005.


Before she was ordained a priest on May 6, 2002 by the Rt. Rev. Ronald Ferris, she was the owner of Kraft Marketing, a local firm that focused on marketing research, and marketing strategies. Archdeacon Deborah has also been a professor at Confederation College and a small business consultant. She is currently Chair of the Constitution and Canons Committee for the Diocese of Algoma, and is on the Executive Committee for the Diocese of Algoma. Deborah co-facilitated the new strategic plan for Algoma. Archdeacon Deborah is an Associate of the Sisterhood of St. John the Divine. Archdeacon Deborah has been married to Dr. Jouni Kraft for 40 years, and they are blessed to have 4 children (John, Paul, Laura, and Thomas), 3 daughters-in-law (Carrie, Crystal and Riitta) and 1 son-in-law (Jan). Deborah is the happy grandmother of James, Luke and Grace Kraft, Clara and Daphne Kraft, Marcus, Scarlett, and Aleksander Brun, and Elli and Eevi Kraft.  For relaxation she like pilates, yoga, running, reading, and cottage life.




Deacon Associate: The Reverend Anne Carr

Deacon Anne has been our Deacon Associate for the past 2 years and we are blessed to have her. She is a kind and compassionate person who loves to visit parishioners at home or in hospital. Anne was a nurse for many years, working in Public Health and Home Care programs. When she moved to Thunder Bay she started courses in pastoral care and worked as a chaplain at the Cancer Centre for 11 years. Following God’s call, she was ordained to the Vocational Diaconate in 2001.Anne is the mother of 2 adult sons and grandmother of 3 sweet little ones. She is married to St. Paul’s former Rector, the Rev. Canon Paul Carr. Anne hears God’s song of the universe through worship, singing, and travelling.




Music Director: Dr. Sean Kim

Hon. Bachelor’s of Music, Theory & Composition (Western), Master’s of Music, Composition (Western), Systemic Musicology (Western)Sean, his wife Dawn, and their family of 3 boys and a newborn baby girl, (Dominique, Joshua and Sebastien and Shiela) come to St. Paul’s from St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Thunder Bay, where Sean served as the Organist.  Sean has recently been awarded his PhD in Systemic Musicology from Western University. He is also the new Operations & Education Manager for the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra.Sean’s list of works, and performance history can be found at his website



Parish Assistant: Christine French

(H.B.A., LU) When you phone St. Paul’s, the first person that you will most likely speak with is Christine. She has served as Parish Assistant for 15 years, and she is known for her warm and friendly personality. Christine loves God, and loves this parish. She is committed to excellence, and brings creativity and beauty to our weekly service bulletins and our weekly newsletter The Ambassador. Christine serves on the Lenten Retreat Committee. She is so glad she decided to make Thunder Bay her home when she finished school. Thunder Bay has a rare balance of small-town charm and big city amenities surrounded by the great outdoors ~ perfect! St. Paul’s was the first church she visited when she came to Thunder Bay; she immediately felt at home and has never left.  Christine and her husband Christopher were married here 14 years ago. She loves her job and  feels ever close to her St. Paul’s family; it’s a great privilege to earn a living ‘building the kingdom’ and it sure keeps her busy! (Christopher says he became Property Chair so he could spend time with her).When they're not at St. Paul’s, they’re tinkering with their funny old house beside the river, which they share with Mulligan, their badly behaved Tibetan Terrier and Oliver, a stray cat born in their toolshed that they were too soft to kick to the curb. They cherish each other and an annual trek to Quetico, where they ‘unplug’ and paddle rain or shine. They love to kayak and canoe and putter in the garden; when She can’t do that, she likes to walk and read. Christine & Christopher loved being part of St. Paul’s pilgrimage to Greece and Israel and they can’t wait to travel to Italy with our parish family next spring.


Children's Ministries & 'Food For The Soul': Laurie Sandham

Laurie has always had a passion for teaching children about the love Christ has for them and the look on their faces when you know they “get it” fills her with a joy that can’t be measured.  Laurie teaches FUNtastic Friday, VBS, Advent and Lenten school with Marty Sauer and enjoys every minute of it. 
Laurie is very blessed to be married to a wonderful man, Adrian and has three adult children: Deirdre, Jasmine and Alicia.   

Rector's Warden

Candace LaFrance


People's Warden

Deborah Victor


Youth Leaders

Jen Snowden & Jasmine Sandham
807- 627-2527


Deputy Warden

Solade Nicol


Congratulations to the Venerable Deborah Kraft!

Congratulations to the Venerable Deborah Kraft who will be honoured by Thorneloe University and receive a Doctorate of Sacred Theology at Convocation on October 11, 2019!

Archdeacon Deborah Kraft serves as the Incumbent of St. Paul’s, Thunder Bay which is one of the flagship parishes in the Diocese of Algoma.  Since October 2012 she also serves as the Archdeacon for Thunder Bay/North Shore Deanery. She is a graduate of Thorneloe University, having graduated with a B.Th in May 2002. During her studies at Thorneloe she received the Peterson Ministry Scholarship (Sept. 2000) and the Thorneloe Alumni Scholarship (Sept. 2001). She was ordained as a Deacon in the Anglican Church of Canada (Algoma Diocese) on January 28th, 2001, and as a Presbyter on May 6th, 2002.

Dear Ambassadors for Christ,

I am deeply privileged and humbled to receive this honourary doctorate.  I actually find this all a little embarrassing as I feel unworthy to be a recipient. 
Here is what will enable me to receive this honourary degree with JOY and in THANKSGIVING:  The truth is that I am receiving this degree on behalf of all of us, and with God living in us, and moving through us.

We are a team together, the body of Christ.  As disciples, we are committed to walk together in the light and in the love of the Lord.  When I travel with Jouni and Wally to Sudbury and receive this Doctorate in Sacred Theology (S.T.D.) on October 10, 2019,  I will be receiving it on behalf of each of you.  I see the hand of God in your support, your love, your faith, and your willingness to risk and to walk in faith.  I did not earn this recognition on my own but through our efforts together.  Please put the letters ‘Dr.’ in front of your own name and say it out loud.

On October 10, at Thorneloe University in Sudbury, I promise that it will be your hands and your eyes and your hearts that will reach out with mine to receive this degree. 

Here is what my brother-in-law Veli emailed to me today.  It was written by Charles Wesley and reminds us that “for God all things are possible.”  (Matthew 19:26)

“Forth in thy name, O Lord, I go, My daily labour to pursue, Thee, only thee, resolved to know In all I think or speak or do."

With Love and Blessings
Your humbled rector and archdeacon,

Deborah +