Grownup & Geeks

Game Night!

Get Your Geek On!

Help us kick off our monthly adult game night with yummy snacks, stellar company and get caught up in the BOARDNADO!!!

Open to all adults, everywhere! Come out and enjoy all your favourite card and board games. FREE!
Sponsored by The Gameshelf, they will not only be supplying ALL the games but are sending one of their highly qualified board-game specialists to teach us all how to play them. There will be the classic games you know and love, as well as some new, hot titles to try.

We will supply the beverages.
Please bring a snack to share.
(no 'orange' coloured Nachos or Cheezies please, as these stain the game pieces)

So grab your friends and enjoy an evening of GROWNUP COMPANY and CONVERSATION!

*Registration not required - drop in once or every time!

Date: First Tuesday of each month
~next one is Feb 4~
Where: St. Paul's Anglican Church
808 Ridgeway Street (across from the former McKellar Hospital)
*Use side entrance off parking lot*
When: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Led by: Food For The Soul - Sponsored by The Gameshelf
Cost: FREE (please bring a snack to share)

Shout out to The Gameshelf for generously supplying all of our games and a staff member to help run them.

A Hobbit Devotional


The Hobbit is a tale of humble Shirefolk who overcome a seemingly impossible task through dedication, courage,
and hope.

A Hobbit Devotional: Bilbo Baggins and the Bible
Where is Christ in The Hobbit?

In Tolkien's Middle-earth, there is right and wrong, goodness and evil. This story is about how a Baggins had an adventure and ends with a Baggins stopping the end of Middle Earth as they knew it.
But is it Christian? Peek into the background of the creator of hobbits, J.R.R. Tolkien and you may realize "there's more to this Hobbit than meets the eye".
So the question of whether Tolkien’s writings should be considered “Christian works” is complex.

Join me as we seek Christ in this incredible story, and share with me how Tolkien’s enduring faith was expressed in his novels.

Date: Saturday May 2
Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Where: St. Paul's Anglican Church
808 Ridgeway Street (across from the former McKellar Hospital)
Led by: Laurie Sandham
Cost: As Hobbits so love food,
please bring a donation for RFDA!

For more information or to register for any workshop
please contact  Laurie @ 707-3048 or email