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First Visit ?  Learn More !

A warm welcome on your first visit to St. Paul's!

We are happy that you are thinking about joining us for worship and we want to make your first time as enjoyable as possible.

We hope that you will experience the presence of God at St. Paul’s, and that you will leave the service filled with hope for the week ahead, and ready to tackle all that is on your plate.

Service Times

Sunday Morning 

8:30 am

40 minutes long


Communion service with a sermon and no singing.


10:00 am

1 hour and 15 minutes long (livestreamed)


Communion, sermon, and singing.


Children may go to the nursery at the beginning of the service.

Children go down to Sunday School after the Children’s Talk. Parents are welcome to join their children in Sunday School or have them go on their own.


11:30 am Children's Service

30 minutes long (livestreamed)


Is there special seating?

You may sit anywhere. There is no reserved seating. There is a saying: Come early for a seat at the back!

What about bathrooms?

They are downstairs. Feel free to use them during the service if you need to.

What happens after the service?

You may shake the hand of the Rector as you leave the church and then go downstairs for tea and coffee.

How do we know what to do during the service?

When you come into the church, you will receive a bulletin which has everything you need for the service. You will know when to read, reflect, sing, sit, stand, or kneel.

What about money?
There is no admittance fee to come to church. Free for all! We do not even pass the plate at St. Paul’s. You are welcome to come to church and not feel obliged to give us a single loonie.

Who are Anglicans?

We are Christians, committed to the gospel message of Christ. We come to church to learn how to be compassionate, kind, and respectful people, and then to carry that message out into the world. We are part of the Anglican Church of Canada. Anglicans are Christians steeped in 500 years of tradition, reason, and scripture. When you worship with us, you will quickly see what we believe.

Do I have to leave my brain at the door when I come to St. Paul’s?

Absolutely not. We believe that God gave us brains for a reason. You will not be told what to believe but we will journey and walk together on our pilgrimage of faith. We can learn from you and you from us.


The very most important thing for you to know …. We welcome everyone to our church, especially you!


A St. Paul’s Welcome

We extend a special welcome to those who are single, married, separated, divorced, straight, LGBT+, filthy rich, comfortable or dirt poor.

We extend a special welcome to wailing babies and excited toddlers.

We welcome you whether you can sing like Pavarotti or just growl quietly to yourself. You’re welcome here if you’re just browsing, just woken up or just got out of prison. We don’t care if you’re more Christian than the Archbishop of Canterbury, or haven’t been to church since Christmas ten years ago.

We extend a special welcome to those who are over 60 but not grown up yet, and to teenagers who are growing up too fast. We welcome keep-fit moms, hockey dads, starving artists, tree-huggers, latte-sippers, vegetarians, junk-food eaters. We welcome those who are in recovery or struggling with addiction.

We welcome you if you’re having problems, are down in the dumps or don’t like organized religion. (we’re not that keen on it either!)


We offer a welcome to those who think the earth is flat, work too hard, don’t work, can’t spell, or are here because Grandma is visiting and wanted to come to St. Paul’s.


We welcome those who are inked, pierced, both or neither. We offer a special welcome to those who could use a prayer right now, had religion shoved down their throat as kids or got lost and wound up here by mistake.

We welcome pilgrims, tourists, seekers, doubters...…and you!

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